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Maintenance Tips For Your Albuquerque Rental

Owning a property in Albuquerque is perhaps one of the best investment decisions one can ever make. The area is undoubtedly the most attractive city in New Mexico. It has several attractions ranging from striking sceneries to rich historical cultures as well as picturesque outdoor landscapes.

As a result, prospects are always looking for accommodation. If you are a landlord in Albuquerque, however, you need to ensure your units are in the best habitable condition possible. Doing so will help you attract high-quality renters and also keep you from facing legal suits at the small claims courts.

The following are some excellent suggestions you can use to maintain your Albuquerque rental.

Familiarize yourself with the items in and on the property

The first thing you should do to take proper care of your rental is to be familiarize yourself with the various belongings you own. These include the carpet, interior finishes, flooring, wall decors, HVAC systems, alarms, security detectors, and kitchen installations. You should know what their life cycle is, what the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations are, as well as the proper way to take care of them. Armed with this information, it becomes relatively easy for you to know when and how to service each item.

Break down the tasks into manageable roles

The average Albuquerque home has many utilities and fixtures that need specialized care to keep them working efficiently. Unfortunately, all these items require different attention and maintenance requirements. For instance, you rarely use the heater during summer or the cooling unit in winter.

You must make sure that all these devices are in proper working condition. A simplistic way for you to stay on top of things is to break down the maintenance task in order of seasonal occurrence. For example, you can choose to service your AC and cooling units in late spring, and the heaters in early fall.

Establish a regular cleaning schedule for the rental

Once you know your rental’s maintenance requirements and have broken down the tasks according to the seasonal occurrence, make a schedule. You should set up an effective property cleaning and equipment servicing schedule to stay organized.

Identify reliable service contractors and vendors for your property

Apparently, the servicing and maintenance of some of the things in your property in Albuquerque require specialized skills. Situations that require urgent attention can always occur, such as a flooding emergency. For this reason, it is prudent to have the emergency contacts of your preferred plumber, roofing contractor, HVAC unit technician, and electrician organized ahead of time. When looking for the vendors, make sure you only hire those that are insured, licensed, skilled and qualified in their field of specialization.

Clean your swimming pool

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, make sure you consistently clean it. Use a leaf skimmer to remove any floating leaves, insects or debris that might be in the water. Also, chlorinate the water to keep it safe and healthy and wash the walls to prevent the buildup of algae. While at it, make sure the filters and heaters are in perfect working conditions and that the water level and composition of your pool is ideal.

Inspect and service the fire extinguishers, filters, and smoke detectors

Your rental should have well-functioning safety features to protect people from fires, and carbon monoxide. It is not sufficient to only have the devices installed. You must make sure they operate smoothly. Have a technician inspect them and take any appropriate corrective action to fix them.

Fix or replace water leaks

Water leaks can cause severe structural damage to your property. Furthermore, they lead to massive water loss and high water bills. You, therefore, need to take the time to examine your Albuquerque property for any existing leaks. Whether it is a broken faucet, leaky toilet, or damaged pipe, fix or replace them.